retail + merchandising + interior design


I love to create new voices of visual expression in architectural concepts.

I attempt to fuse fresh, innovative ideas, whimsical merchandising, eye catching creative displays, engaging color combinations and shapes of any retail/showroom/ or  any creative environment.

I always ask myself…

What will attract an adventurous clientele to buy?

How can I engage a consumer to stay longer?

Are the dressing rooms big enough?

How does the color make them feel?

Will husbands/boyfriends or significant others stay and watch?

What makes a customer happy?

Will they like walking into an empty space OR a space that is cozier?

This goes over and over in my mind continuously and reshapes my reality.

I adore signature service. I walk to the beat of my own drum.

My goal is to make my clients receive a memorable experience.

Fashion – Music – Laughter – Peace of Mind -

and most important, HAPPINESS.

and of coarse have them enjoy the spotlight they well deserve!

gia ventolaretail + merchandising + interior design