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I AM Luxury Whispered Beauty at 4.44 SoHo NYC

creator & stylist gia marina ventola – art director & editing alessandro russino – raw footage you bin – model jovana at one management new york – hair angela & make up angela kaiser – luxury whispered beauty collection 2015 – soho/nyc – teaser video (29″)

gia ventolaI AM Luxury Whispered Beauty at 4.44 SoHo NYC
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I AM ME! IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING I’m excited that the gia ventola studio will be opening on 73 spring street, here in NYC September 3rd 2014. We will be launching the capsule collection concept. I AM very blessed that this journey has brought me here. It has been one crazy ride, and 18 long months of brand and creative development. …

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styling + concepts + celebrity designs

I AM EVOLVING It’s all about freedom of expression here in my studio. From custom designing for celebrities, to personal styling for everyday clients, and editorial ad campaigns.   I thrive on helping my individuals and corporate clients look their absolute best.   It is a total fashion and beauty transformation regardless of their lifestyle, age, or objectives. Take the journey with me and …

gia ventolastyling + concepts + celebrity designs
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ad campaigns + featured editorials

I AM ORIGINAL I AM passionate for all different levels of the arts. I enjoy creating a world of imaginative expression. I love the opportunity of urgent, last minute requests for red carpet events, celebrity seeding and fashion editorials. Creating my own ad campaigns gave me a voice of who I AM.

gia ventolaad campaigns + featured editorials
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retail + merchandising + interior design

I AM VISUAL I love to create new voices of visual expression in architectural concepts. I attempt to fuse fresh, innovative ideas, whimsical merchandising, eye catching creative displays, engaging color combinations and shapes of any retail/showroom/ or  any creative environment. I always ask myself… What will attract an adventurous clientele to buy? How can I engage a consumer to stay longer? Are …

gia ventolaretail + merchandising + interior design
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the philosophy

I AM PASSIONATE It’s all about putting people in the spotlight. I enjoy offering VIP service and creating exclusive looks for all. It doesn’t matter your age or your body type, you have to find your specific fashion core of the ‘it factor’ of what makes you feel so beautiful. Having the opportunity to work with celebrities and clients from …

gia ventolathe philosophy